Vetting Downstream Electronics Vendor Survey and Warrant Procedure


Carrier Services Group, Inc. CSG, Inc. is required to apply all due diligence in the selection and on-going monitoring of downstream vendors that receive and/or process materials from our facility.

Attached is the Assessment and Verification Survey and Warrant. This will provide documentation of your management system, current legal requirements, and workforce and environmental protection policies. The verification survey will ensure that your company is operating within the requirements of the R2 Responsible Recycling standard.

Instructions for filling out the form:

Vendors that are currently 3rd party certified to R2, R2:2013, R2/RIOS and or e-Stewards need only answer 5(e)(1) and 5(e)(6) and subsequently the question under Provision 7 of the questionnaire. Please provide a copy (electronic or hard copy) of your current certification.

General Directions:

  1. If the question is not applicable to your company, enter "NA" in the space provided.

  2. For each question, please attach any objective evidence supporting your answer (documents and/or records, as applicable). Each piece of objective evidence provided will be marked "Exhibit" (#) (i.e. Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2 etc.).

  3. When referencing to an exhibit mark the information in the space provided. One exhibit may be used to provide objective evidence for multiple questions (as appropriate).

Please fill out the Assessment and Verification Survey and Warrant, and attach it (along with supporting documents) to the form below. CSG, Inc. quality personnel will review the answers and objective evidence and notify your company representative.

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